Unintentional Silent Treatment

I was doing so good staying up to date here, and then…well.. errm … life and time got away from me. Not in a negative way though. I went on vacation at the beginning of the month and just sort of ended up swept up in day to dayness. It was a wonderful break from reality going to my favorite gaming convention with one of my favorite people, M. Played with awesome people who I only see once a year and as a bonus met some equally awesome new folks, which was sweet.

Other than that it has been too hot here to do much more than hide in air conditioned places and shield one’s self from the Fiery ball of hate known as the sun.

My birthday came and went with only a mild depression. I actually took part in a stage production that day and then went to the movies with Zed where I got a free Large Popcorn as a birthday promotion, so it was actually pretty good. Zed was sweet and got me some very thoughtful gifts, which was wholly unnecessary but who am I to deny my partner’s desire to celebrate my hatching date, heh.

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